Olie, Olie, Olie……


Growing up in my Anglo Celtic family, as much as food was always a social lubricant, we didn’t have much in the way of a New Year’s food tradition. Sure we had lots of the usual nibbles, drinks and maybe a bottle of Champagne at midnight, but there was no one thing you could single out as being unique to each and every New Year’s celebration.


In complete contrast, my wife’s family couldn’t be more different. Without exception, every New Years we are treated to Traditional Dutch Oliebollen,  – delicious little dried fruit beignets. In past years there were also apple fritters or Appleflappen but these seem to be less frequent (they are more a winter treat anyway)

So when “Oma” turned up yesterday with this year’s supply of freshly fried, fruity donuts, dusted with icing sugar, they lasted just long enough to make some coffee and snap photo above before they too disappeared. Judging by the response to my instagram post when these arrived our family is not alone in loving this annual Dutch treat which is now firmly part of my family tradition.

omas recipe



frying oli


Of course celebrating food traditions is useless if these recipes and customs are not passed down, shared and actually made. So this year I made sure “Oma” wrote out her recipe for me. Like all good recipes Its truly simplicity itself, a basic yeast raised batter with dried fruits and diced apple, fried in spoonful’s until deep golden and dusted generously with powdered or superfine sugar.

Like all home baked yeast goods, these Oliebollen need to be eaten as soon as possible after making, simply because they aren’t loaded with preservatives, emulsifiers and other commercial nasties, but then again eating them quickly has never been a problem in our house, and the batch below we knocked up to test the recipe this afternoon will  be history long before you read this post!!



12g                yeast – dry
330ml          milk – lukewarm
330g             plain flour
pinch            salt
175g              dried fruits – currants, sultanas
1                    granny smith apple – peeled, cored and diced
1 litre           vegetable oil – for deep frying
Icing or caster sugar for dusting


    • Mix the yeast, milk and ¼ of the flour to a batter, cover and allow to double into a frothy mass.
    • Mix the salt into the remaining flour, mix the frothy batter into the flour to form a smooth stiff batter.
    • Stir in fruit mixing well, cover and leave to double in bulk
    • Using two oiled spoons fry spoonful’s of the batter in hot oil (170c using a candy thermometer) until golden on both sides ensuring oil is deep enough to fully submerge.
    • Drain well on kitchen paper, dust with sugar and enjoy ……Lekker!


If you take the time to make these, I’m sure you wont be disappointed  but if you’re intimidated by baking with yeast maybe you should book into our 2 day Artisanal bread and yeast goods workshop over the Australia Day long weekend.

olie olie olie