Luddite / lud-uyt/   Person opposed to industrialization and technology

Food Luddite –  Passionate advocate for the oldways of food preparation

Welcome,  living in South Australia’s beautiful Barossa Valley, food and wine are central to my world.

For the past 40 years I am lucky enough for it also to have been my profession and this has allowed me to travel, gain insights into cultures and encouraged me to read and research, seeking answers to the endless what, why, when and hows that food and wine continue to pose.

This fascination  is multi layered, its about how it grows, the history and geography that have shaped cuisines and cultures, the people that make it, its literature and the art it has generated, its taboos and curious customs and of course its future.

In fact my interest in all things culinary probably borders on an obsession, when I am not cooking  at work you will invariably find me in the kitchen at home, using my hands to prepare delicious, honest food, following time honored traditions to be shared with like minded people, family and friends.


15 thoughts on “Home

  1. Mark…
    I have been thinking on your wonderful enterprise and it comes to mind that one of the best meals I have ever had was cooked by you, at your home kitchen, ad hoc, after an afternoon with friends but most importantly;
    It was fresh local produce cooked simply with great respect and passion and served with love!
    Long live the Luddite!

  2. Mark — A friend in Australia has just sent me a message about your article in the Delicious magazine — and your mention that it is on your dream list to visit France — and the Dordogne. I would love to chat to you about the “Delicious Dordogne” experience — seems it could be exactly what you are dreaming about! — and the possibility of you perhaps coming next year to see for yourself — but in the mean time, won’t you have a look and consider writing something about it on your site or for the magazine? — I would have preferred sending you a proper email instead of writing here — but have no email address for you!
    Looking forward to chatting to you!
    Wilna Wilkinson

  3. Hi Mark and the family, what great ideas you guys come up with, love it. Hope you see you there one day. Best of luck. xx

  4. Congratulations, Mark and Joanne. Thanks for your hospitality and for doing this for the Barossa.

  5. Hi Guys,
    Quick note to say thanks for our Indian Experience! We certainly learned a lot about the cuisine, with all the info delivered in a friendly and accessible manner. I would certainly come back for other classes.
    Great Teacher, Great Food, and Great Company for our shared meal after.
    Congrats and Best Wishes for this venture.

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