Wholly Goat

Wholly Goat

Apart from within Anglicized and Teutonic cultures, goat is probably the most widely eaten of all red meats, around the globe. Neither shunned or taboo to any religion that condones the eating of animals, it is prized throughout Mediterranean, Aegean and Arabic cultures as well as in the entire African and Indian subcontinents, South East Asia and the Caribbean/Latino worlds.

With both feral and farmed goat readily available in Australia and as a major export item, we really should eat more but it has a poor image, tainted by an unjustified reputation for being too strong and gamey which is never the case if well sourced.

This class celebrates the diversity of both this delicious meat with recipes from a range of cultures as well as the amazing dairy products produced by this most resilient of domesticated animals, including:

Twice Cooked Goat Cheese Souffle, Sate Kambing, Tagine Makfoul, Costolette di Capretto Siciliana, Torta di Ricotta

4 hours – $ 185 per person  –  Click here to book