Some Like It Hot!



By popular request this class is an exploration of all things hot and spicy, a personal passion of mine and not for the faint hearted or delicate of palate. In this class we will explore the myriad world of chilies available from the fragrant, almost rose scented to the searingly pungent, from smoky and dry to fresh off the bush and everything in between.

We will also look at pepper, ginger and mustard as we prepare a spicy banquet to remember. Dishes will include:

Cambodian Kampot Pepper Chicken, Singapore Chilli Crab, Goanese Duck Vindaloo, Jamacian Jerk Pork, Green Bean Sambal and Grilled Eggplant with Lemon and Harissa

4 hours – $ 185 per person – book via the secure Eventbrite facility at right