La Criolla Comida

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The cooking of the Latino new world was influenced by the introduction of ingredients and food traditions from Africa that merged with  European and indigenous influences resulting in La Criolla Comida or the Creole Kitchen.

From New Orleans to Caracas, Havana to Port of Spain and Kingston to Lima, Creole cooking traditions thrive. This is fun food for sharing with friends. Bright, vibrant, spicy and colourful, best enjoyed with  ice cold beer, fruity Sangria or one of the many sour lime and white spirit cocktails like Mojito or Pisco Sour.

In this class learn to prepare Creole classics including:

Coconut Goat, Pasteles Fritos, Banana Roast Fish, Rice & Beans, Jerk Sauce, Anticuchos, Papaya Salsa and Sweet Rice Beignets

4 hours – $185 per person –  contact Jo on 0400 660 445 or email: