Gluten Free Entertaining

Gluten Free

Go to any supermarket today and you will find a large selection of gluten free foods. From flour blends and cake mixes to crackers, biscuits, pastas, breads and baked goods. Added to this many restaurants flag their gluten free dishes and there are seemingly hundreds of cookbooks available so why the need for a class on Gluten Free cooking?

Based on the queries we receive, Gluten Free ingredients seem outside the comfort zone of most cooks so this class has been designed to build confidence and features a range of techniques and dishes including: How to thicken sauces (with out them becoming glug) and how to bake simple breads from scratch (that actually taste like bread rather than cake) Plus how to master perfect polenta, pilaf and risotto, prepare delicious whole grain millet cous cous and the find the best ways to use quinoa.

4 hours – $ 185 per person – Click here to book