Our List Of Classes

Please scroll down to view a complete list of  the classes that we  currently offer. Each entry  provides a brief description of the class content along with details of the class duration and pricing per person.

Unfortunately while it is not possible to book directly from this page (some classes may not be scheduled on our current class calendar) you can request any of these classes as a private class of 4-6 people at a time and date of your choice.

Alternatively if there is something specific that’s not listed we are more than happy to design a bespoke class to suit your requirements.

Please contact Jo Ann on 0400 660 445 or email jojomcn@hotmail.com with any queries.


Asian Street Food

Asian Street Food 2

Just about all Asian cultures have “hawker” or street stalls that play an important part of the daily eating ritual for the locals.

These are the small and tasty things that I zero in for on my travels and with this class focus’ on these items and their tangy or spicy accompaniments and you will learn to prepare:

Punjabi Style Samossa’s, Nem Nuong, Sate Kambing, Roti & Chicken Curry, Pot Sticker Dumplings

Duration:       4 hours                                         Price:             $185.00


Curry Leaves & Coconut – South Indian


The food of Southern India and Kerala in particular is my favourite Indian cuisine, fragrant of curry leaves and coconut, alive, bright, fresh and vibrant all at once.

By comparison with the better known, meaty tandoor based cuisine of the north, southern food is lighter and predominantly vegetarian and if meat of any kind  is eaten it is usually chicken or seafood .

In this class we celebrate this region with a range of simple home style dishes by preparing the following dishes:

Spicy Vegetable Sambar,  Lacy “Appam” Pancakes, Cucumber Pachadi, Beetroot & Cauliflower Poriyal’s,  Prawn “Molee” and Keralan Masala Chicken

Duration:       4 hours                                                     Price:             $185.00


Everything’s Just Ducky

Cooking duck is often seen by many home cooks as a bridge too far, but this session aims to change that perception and is all about duck in its many guises.

Starting with a whole bird, you will learn how to portion and make the most of your duck and in the process you will prepare at least 7 dishes towards  your meal  including:

Liver Parfait,  Duck Neck Sausage,  Smoked Breast Ham,  Duck Fat Potatoes
Master Stock Braised Leg, Grilled Breast with Lentils & Beetroot,  Rillettes

Duration:       4 hours                                               Price:             $185.00


La Criolla Comida – The Creole Kitchen

Criolla 001 (2) - Copy (640x436)

The result of food traditions from Africa, Europe and indigenous cultures merging, today Creole cooking thrives from New Orleans to Caracas, Havana to Port of Spain and Kingston to Lima.

This is fun food for sharing with friends, bright, vibrant, spicy and colourful and in this class you will learn to prepare  classics from the Creole Kitchen including:

Spicy Coconut Braised Goat, Pasteles Fritos,  Jerk Fish, Rice & Beans, Jerk Sauce, Anticuchos, Papaya Salsa and Sweet Rice Beignets

Duration:       4 hours                                       Price:             $185.00


Lemongrass & Lime Leaf – South East Asia


Australia’s passion for South East Asian flavours is seemingly boundless with staples like chilies, coconut, tamarind, fish sauce, lemongrass and lime leaves found easily  in most supermarkets.

And while Bahn Mi, Pho, Pad Thai and Cold Rolls are found in most food courts, there is more to these cuisines than these favourites and this class delivers a collection of delicious, fragrant, spicy dishes from  Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia including: .

Tom Yum Gai, Vietnamese Meat Balls,  Salad of Crispy Fried Fish,  Eggplant with Fish Sauce, Steamed “Amok” Curry, Sugar Bananas with Coconut Sago

Duration:      4 hours                                       Price:      $185.00


Our Barossa Table

Outside lunchThe Barossa is one of the world’s great food and wine regions and we invite you to join us as we prepare a delicious meal that celebrates why we choose to live here.

In addition to spending four, fun filled hours creating special food memories you will take home a wealth of new found kitchen skills and confidence including:

Making bread and preparing butter from scratch, Pastry skills for a  seasonal fruit dessert, the secrets to the perfect Barossa chook and a couple of delicious vegetable sides

 Duration:       4 hours                                   Price:       $185.00


Playing With Fire – BBQ Master 


Our word Barbeque came to us from the ancient Caribbean Arawak Indians where the word Barbacoa described a grill for cooking meat.

In fact cooking over hot coals has a very primal and ancient pedigree with kebabs, kabobs, satay and tandoor cooking techniques radiating across the globe.

This class covers marinades, sauces and many techniques for cooking with fire, including:

Jamaican Jerked Chicken, Barbequed Fish in Banana Leaves, Punjabi  Fish Tikkas, Smoked Brisket, Moroccan Grilled Quail, Yakitori Chicken Livers

Duration:       4 hours                                                         Price:             $185.00


Quick Breads – 1 Day Class


Bread is incredibly simple once you know the basics, know your ingredients and follow some simple rules In fact you may never buy bread again!

Over six hours you will make a range of delicious breads. From batters and flat breads to rustic loaves, Italian classics and a rich dark rye including:

Crumpets, English Muffins, Pita , Naan,  Ciabatta, Foccacia and Dark Chocolate  Pumpernickel

Duration:    6 hours                                      Price:      $185.00


Under Pressure

Pressure cooker

Learning how to use a pressure cooker will change the way you cook, producing healthy tasty food from scratch in a fraction of the time things take traditionally.

Once a common household appliance, a combination of fashion and fear has relegated their use in the modern kitchen, but in an age when we are time poor the pressure cooker makes even more sense.

Dishes in this class may include:·

Beef & Chicken Stocks,  Spicy Lamb Rendang,  Buttered Lentils, Osso Bucco Milanese, Creamy Duck Rillettes,

Duration:       4 hours                                                Price:             $185.00