Like Minded Friends, Luddites and Artisans…..

argy barbieIn an age when speed and convenience are the mantras we are expected to  live by, there is a growing movement back to the real and unrefined rather than the glossy, mechanized and over packaged.

Despite the best efforts of  spin doctors and marketing gurus,  the world is full of people that share my passion  for authentic food culture  rather than embracing the corporate world of supermarkets and fast food.

Below are  links to  individuals and organizations that share a common ethos putting  tradition, sustainability and passion first. Some are personal friends, some I have  worked with in the past, others I simply admire from afar.


Food Producers

Hutton Vale Lamb

Apex Bakery

San Jose Smallgoods


The Food Forest

Linkes Central Meats

Careme Pastry

Barossa Accommodation

Seppeltsfield Vineyard Cottage

The Louise

Kingsford Homestead

The Reserve

The Orchard House

Stonewell Cottages

The Paddocks at Whistler Farm


Greenock Accommodation

Old Telegraph Station

Trevs Place

Tour Operators

Barossa Taste Sensations

Barossa Experience Tours

Barossa Daimler Tours

Rich and Lingering

Wine, Cider and Beer


Artisans of Barossa

Shobbrook wines

National Collection of Cider and Perry

The Wheatsheaf Hotel

Cooking Schools

Sticky Rice Cooking School

The Agrarian Kitchen

Taste the Wild

Bumbu Bali



The Food Blog

Organisations & Individuals

Barossa Farmers Market


Slow Food

The Edible Schoolyard

Marine Stewardship Council


5 thoughts on “Friends

  1. I would love Ballycroft Vineyard and Cellars to be a food/wine producer friend. Hopefully our winery vege garden will be up and running to its full potential by springtime and we can offer our customers the opportunity to pick and purchase fresh veges and fruit from the Ballycroft garden when they visit.

  2. Hello Mark, are you any closer to doing your own spices? Sue at the Spicy Sticky Rice course October (Broome)

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