Curry Leaves and Coconut


For anyone that has been to Kerala and the South of India, the fragrance of curry leaves and coconut has almost magical properties. Able to transport one back to this green and steamy landscape, one where fresh spices and coconut in all its forms are king. This is my favourite kind of Indian food, alive, bright, fresh and vibrant.

By comparison with the better known, meat based tandoor cuisine of the north, southern food is lighter and predominantly vegetarian, fermented rice and lentil batters like Dosai and Idli abound and when meat is eaten it is usually chicken or seafood (but some communities eat pork).

More commonly the types of dishes eaten are listed below and in this class we will prepare most of these:

Sambar, Poriyal, Pachadi, Rice, Prawn Molee, Khozy Masala and Palappams

4 hours – $185 per person –  contact Jo on 0400 660 445 or email: