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La Criolla Comida *

The cooking of the Latino new world was influenced, not only through language and ingredients but more particularly through the introduction of ingredients and food traditions from Africa via the slave trade.

From New Orleans to Rio de Janerio, Havana to Port of Spain, Caracas to Montevideo, Creole cooking traditions thrive with dishes like Jambalaya, the Creole version of Paella, Callalloo a spicy crab and coconut soup with fresh lime juice, Red Beans and Rice and Pastelles, Empanadas or Patties, all of which are spicy meat turnovers. Then there is Barbacoa tradition from wence where we got the term BBQ, and the list goes on.

This is fun food for sharing with friends. It is bright, vibrant, spicy and colourful, best enjoyed with loud Afro-Latino music and washed down with  ice cold beer, fruity Sangria or one of the many sour lime and white spirit cocktails like Mojito, Caprihina or Pisco Sour.

4 hours – Includes shared banquet $ 185 per person


The Seasonal Barossa Table *

The best food in the world is that which comes straight to the table from the farms, gardens and the wild lands of a region. Sure, given modern living, global travel, 7 day supermarkets and a 24 hour news cycle the ability to connect to a place is increasingly difficult. However food is one way that we can still gain a sense of where we are in the world and provide a sense of seasonality through what is being grown, harvested or even the method of cookery we choose to create tasty food for our family and friends.

With this in mind we invite you to join us at our Seasonal Barossa Table. Here you will prepare a delicious lunch to share using classic culinary techniques, featuring the freshest local produce. You may even help gather some ingredients from our kitchen garden or learn preservation techniques to make the most of seasonal bounty. Whatever we prepare, you will be tasting the very best that the Barossa has to provide and creating a special food memory of your time in the Barossa in the process.

4 hours – Includes shared table meal $ 185 per person


Wine Country Cooking *

The best food in the world generally speaking comes from the very places that produce wine. A short list would have to include, the classic food of Tuscany, the bright and sunny peasant food of  Provence, the hearty truffle infused food of Piedmonte, not to mention Burgundy, Jerez  and of course our Barossa amongst so many others.

But why is this so? The simple answer is that for centuries wine and food have grown to be perfect partners and that the synergy between a regions food and wine comes down to lifestyle, seasonality and the Joie de Vie that comes from celebrating the fruit of the land. This is especially so when wine and food come together in a dish or tradition, think Beef or Chicken braised in Burgundy, Sour Cabbage and Smoked Meats braised in Riesling, Hare and wild mushrooms stewed in Barolo,  the list goes on but you get the idea.

This is your chance to join us as we celebrate the many wine styles of Barossa even using some to create delicious dishes that speak of this place Barossa.

4 hours – Includes shared table meal $ 185 per person


Lemongrass & Lime Leaf *

Australia’s passion for South East Asian flavours is seemingly boundless. Staple ingredients like chilies, coconut, tamarind, fish sauce, lemon grass and lime leaves are easily found today in even the most basic supermarket. Moreover, Bahn Mi, Pho, Pad Thai and Cold Rolls can found in most food courts and shopping strips.

Of course there is more to these cuisines than these few favourites and this class pulls together a menu of lesser known but equally delicious, fragrant and spicy dishes from Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Some of the dishes you will prepare for your shared meal include Green Papaya salad, Spicy hand made pork sausages, Steamed snapper curry, Crispy fried fish salad, Pork and Prawn pancakes and Eggplant with fish sauce and shallots.

4 hours – Includes shared table meal $ 175 per person


Gluten Free Entertaining *

Go to any supermarket today and you will find a large selection of gluten free foods. From flour blends and cake mixes to crackers, biscuits, pastas, breads and baked goods. Added to this many restaurants flag their gluten free dishes and there are seemingly hundreds of cookbooks available so why the need for a class on Gluten Free cooking?

Based on the queries we receive, Gluten Free ingredients seem outside the comfort zone of most cooks so this class has been designed to build confidence and features a range of techniques and dishes including: How to thicken sauces (with out them becoming glug) and how to bake simple breads from scratch (that actually taste like bread rather than cake) Plus how to master perfect polenta, pilaf and risotto, prepare delicious whole grain millet cous cous and the find the best ways to use quinoa.

4 hours – Includes shared table meal $ 175 per person


A Passion for Vegetables *

As people turn to a vegetarian diet in record numbers, one of our most common requests is for classes that deal with Vegetarian cuisine. No longer is vegetarian food associated with “counter culture trends” and bland “health food”, today there is a real desire to create meat free dishes that are equal to or even tastier than the animal based diets many may have been used to.

This, plus the fact that most people on the planet eat a predominantly meat free diet, means there really is a wealth of tasty dishes to choose from and with this in mind we present some contemporary vegetarian recipes from around the globe including: Cashew Curry, Black Bean Tamales, Broad Bean Falafel, Smoked Eggplant Salad, Crispy Tofu with Chilli jam and Fried “Carrot” Cake

4 hours – Includes shared table meal $ 175 per person


A Mediterranean Journey *

For many centuries the people of the Mediterranean considered themselves as living in the centre of the known world, and what we today call the Mediterranean Sea was known as “the middle sea” connected as it was to both Asia via the Black sea and to the then unknown new world via the Atlantic ocean.

Taking in cuisines as influential as Greek, Moorish, Spanish, Italian and French, there is a theme that connects all of these major influences and so this culinary journey sees you preparing a delicious menu that includes a Spicy Seafood Tagine, Sicilian Style Eggplant, Chicken Keftas Braised with Saffron, Valencian Paella, Grilled Polenta and Honey Panna Cotta with Glazed Stone Fruits

4 hours – Includes shared table lunch – $175 per person


Consuming the Barossa – Shopping & Cooking

The Barossa has one of Australia’s most unique and distinct cuisines, based on Silesian and Germanic cuisines fused with Anglo traditions and influenced by the climate and seasons of this part of the new world.

Join me to gather ingredients from some of favourite artisan food producers, gaining a glimpse behind the scenes and meeting some of our regions great food characters in the process, before helping to prepare a lunch menu rich in Barossa food traditions

6 hours – Includes shared table lunch – $175 per person (self drive)


Everything’s Just Ducky  

For many cooking duck at home is seen as a bridge too far. This session aims to change that perception and is all about duck in its many guises. Starting with a whole bird, you will learn how to portion and make the most of your duck.

The dishes you prepare for your shared meal will include a modern twist on a classic French confit, a duck leg braised in a Vietnamese master stock, crispy skinned grilled breast fillet, the richest duck liver parfait and a hot smoked duck breast ham.

4 hours – Includes shared table meal $ 175 per person


A Provençal Lunch *

What better way to enjoy lunch than in the Provencal way. This sunny part of France is famous for its Mediterranean seafront embracing both the Riviera and Marseille, its craggy gorges and historic villages, the famous scent of lavender and wild herbs, delicious olives and anchovies and not to forget quaffable red and rosé wines made with Grenache at their core.

In fact with the exception of a picturesque coastline, the Barossa shares a great deal in common with Provence especially at this time of the year with our bounty of ripe tomatoes and stone fruits, fragrant basil, shining purple eggplants and sweet peppers to mention but a few. So, this class is a primer on all things Provencal: Bouillabaise, Pissaladiere, Pistou, Fougasse, Poisson Grillé au Fenouil and Salade Niciose just for starters.

4 hours – Includes shared table lunch – $175 per person


A Simple Summer/Vintage Lunch Menu

Eating what is growing in any given season has to be the most enjoyable part of cooking and harnessing the bounty of what is fresh from ones garden, our farms, orchards, waterways and oceans just makes good sense, economically, ecologically and gastronomically

Each class will deliver a delicious 4 course menu based on the finest South Australian and Barossa produce available on that very day with harvesting from the our kitchen garden when possible. Who knows what the season will bring, crustaceans, fresh tomatoes, fragrant herbs, eggplants, ripe stone fruits and berries are all amongst summers bounty.

4 hours – Includes shared table meal $ 175 per person


Deluxe Chocolate Desserts *

Most people love Chocolate in its various guises and there really is something for everyone from white, through creamy milk and on to 70% bitter chocolate, but there is also lots of confusion, myth and plain nonsense associated with what the Aztecs called “Food of the Gods”

Starting with an extensive tasting of chocolates from the simplest through to single origin specialty chocolates, we move through to prepare 5 classic chocolate desserts and confections including a densely decadent mousse, sensationally simple tart, delicious bitter cocoa sorbet, the richest possible brownies and your own hand rolled truffles to take home.

4 hours – Includes shared chocolate feast $ 175 per person


Some Like it Hot! *

By popular request this class is an exploration of all things hot and spicy, a personal passion of mine and not for the faint hearted or delicate of palate. In this class we will explore the myriad world of chilies available from the fragrant, almost rose scented to the searingly pungent, from smoky and dry to fresh off the bush and everything in between.

We will also look at pepper, ginger and mustard as we prepare a spicy banquet to remember. Dishes will include Cambodian Kampot Pepper Chicken, Singapore Chilli Crab, Goanese Duck Vindaloo, Jamacian Jerk Pork, Green Bean Sambal and Grilled Eggplant with Lemon and Harissa.

4 hours – Includes shared table meal $ 175 per person


Are You Game – An Introduction to Wild Food *

If there is one time of year that inspires me to cook more than any other it has to be late Autumn. Maybe its my European heritage, but growing up this was the season when the weather started to really change, leaves started to fall and the mushrooms and fungi start to pop up. It was also traditionally when game meats were are at their best, well fed from summer and the bountiful hedgerow.

In South Australia, things are of course very different, while we don’t generally have, Pheasants flying out from hazelnut trees lining country lanes nor do we have the variety of edible wild mushrooms enjoyed in Europe, we none the less have enough indigenous wild ingredients and introduced foods that have gone feral to make the most of this amazing time of abundance.

Weather permitting we will gather a good selection from the following ingredients to prepare a choice game banquet: Game Meats: Pigeon, Hare, Venison, Kangaroo or Rabbit. Wild Greens: Purslane, Saltbush, Warrigal Greens, Stinging Nettles and Watercress Fungi, Fruit & Nuts: Slippery Jacks, Pine Mushrooms, Wild Quinces, Prickly Pears, Lillypilly’s and Chestnuts,

4 hours – Includes shared table meal – $175 per person


Curry Leaves and Coconut *

For anyone that has been to Kerala and the South of India, the fragrance of curry leaves and coconut has almost magical properties. Able to transport one back to this green and steamy landscape, one where fresh spices and coconut in all its forms are king. This is my favourite kind of Indian food, alive, bright, fresh and vibrant.

By comparison with the better known, meat based tandoor cuisine of the north, southern food is lighter and predominantly vegetarian, fermented rice and lentil batters like Dosai and Idli abound and when meat is eaten it is usually chicken or seafood (but some communities eat pork).

More commonly the types of dish eaten include Sambar, Rasam, Poriyal, Kootu and Pachadi and in this class we will prepare most of these along with rice, chutney, pickle and poppadoms, designed to be eaten as a shared meal.

4 hours – Includes shared meal – $175 per person


For the Love of Lamb

If you believe Sam Kekovitch “it’s Un- Australian” not to eat lamb. And, if the reaction to this class is any judge, we really do “love our lamb”.

With this lesson we have set out to dispel the myth that home butchery is difficult and beyond most people and have proved through this class that one only needs a decent table or bench, a sharp knife, meat saw and maybe a cleaver.

Not only that, but the range of choice cuts that can be obtained at home is far superior than the “Two leg roasts, chops and sausages” type of butchery so popular in the truly “butchered” sides of lamb one buys in the supermarket.

So, in addition to getting involved in the break up of a whole lamb carcasse, you will learn to cook a range of really interesting lamb dishes gathered from around the globe, including some truly delicious recipes for secondary cuts and organ meats you probably would have avoided or thrown away.

6 hours – Includes shared table meal

$ 200 per person (min-max 4 persons required to run this class) 


Artisan Bread and Yeast Goods (2 day class)

Bread of one form or another has been central to just about every culture since man fist started to cultivate crops and settle, regarded as the “Staff of Life” it is the most basic of foods and comes in a vast variety of expressions, yet many really good and competent cooks are intimidated by yeast leaved dough’s for no good reason.

This very popular, hands on class aims to demystify the process and show just how simple and natural bread making can be. Learn to use sour dough cultures, make a variety of flat breads, pumpernickel, quick crusty ciabatta and even buttery brioche and flaky croissants from scratch.

10am – 4pm both days (12 hours total)

$ 375 per person (min-max 4 persons required to run this class)