Asian Street Food

Asian Street Food 2

Ask any Foodie returning from an Asian trip what their favourite snack or street food is and you’ll always get a different answer with the variety and choice seemingly endless.

Just about all Asian cultures have “hawker” or street stalls that play an important part of the daily eating ritual for the locals and for me it is the small and tasty things these guys specialise in that I zero in for.   And so it is with this class that we unashamedly focus’ on these items and the tangy or spicy sauces that take them to another level.

Learn to prepare Punjabi style Samossa’s with tamarind chutney, make authentic Indonesian style satay with sambal kecap, nem nuong the Vietnamese way, as well as Singaporean murtarbak, Northern Chinese Pot sticker dumplings and more.

4 hours – $185 per person –  contact Jo on 0400 660 445 or email: