Are You Game – An Introduction to Wild Food


If there is one time of year that inspires me to cook more than any other it has to be late Autumn. Maybe its my European heritage, but growing up this was the season when the weather started to really change, leaves started to fall and the mushrooms and fungi start to pop up. It was also traditionally when game meats were are at their best, well fed from summer and the bountiful hedgerow.

In South Australia, things are of course very different, while we don’t generally have, Pheasants flying out from hazelnut trees lining country lanes nor do we have the variety of edible wild mushrooms enjoyed in Europe, we none the less have enough indigenous wild ingredients and introduced foods that have gone feral to make the most of this amazing time of abundance.

Weather permitting we will gather a good selection from the following ingredients to prepare a choice game banquet:

Game Meats:  Pigeon, Hare, Venison, Kangaroo or Rabbit      

Wild Greens:  Purslane, Saltbush, Warrigal Greens, Stinging Nettles and Watercress     

Fungi, Fruit & Nuts:  Slippery Jacks, Pine Mushrooms, Wild Quinces, Prickly Pears, Lillypilly’s and Chestnuts

4 hours – $185 per person – book via the secure Eventbrite facility at right