About Us

about us

At the Food Luddite Kitchen Studio we believe that the basic elements of good food and the ability to cook well does not require years of training, exotic ingredients and expensive equipment.

Importantly the kitchen needn’t resemble an appliance store, one doesn’t need an arsenal of knives or a battery of pots and pans to produce delicious food, in fact ask any serious cook what they would choose to be marooned with – it won’t be some hi-tech gizmo, rather a robust pan and a decent sharp knife!

For us cooking is mostly common sense once the mystique is removed and there really is great joy in harvesting from the garden or shopping at a market, selecting what looks good  and doing so with a minimum of fuss.

Our aim is to share what it takes to cook simple and delicious food and we hope you enjoy visiting our website, trying out some of our Recipes, booking a Cooking Class or discovering some of our fellow Artisans and Luddites.